Business Transformation Special Task Force

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PT K-24 Indonesia, perusahaan franchise Apotek K-24 yang sudah berkembang pesat dan saat ini telah membuka lebih dari 330 gerai di seluruh wilayah Indonesia memberikan kesempatan kepada kandidat potensial untuk mengisi posisi :


Business Transformation Special Task Force (Special Task Force)

Tgl. Berakhir : 31-12-2021

K24 is recruiting members for a Business Transformation Special Task Force to work on a project led by an international consulting firm.

Key character requirements:

  1. Number sensitive.
  2. Willing to work the extra mile and target motivated.
  3. Great interpersonal skill, humble, and good at communicating ideas.
  4. Critical, confident, and practical. Flexible and fast.
  5. Good learner and good teacher. Can work with and lead a team.
  6. Work experience is secondary, fresh graduates welcome.

Prospective candidates is expected to work up to 4 years in K24 as core transformation team member in K24. 

Master's degree or equivalent required for application.