Network & Infrastructure Engineer

PT K-24 Indonesia - Sobat Sehat Kita-Kita

PT K-24 Indonesia, perusahaan franchise Apotek K-24 yang sudah berkembang pesat dan saat ini telah membuka lebih dari 330 gerai di seluruh wilayah Indonesia memberikan kesempatan kepada kandidat potensial untuk mengisi posisi :


Network & Infrastructure Engineer (BA/Web)

Tgl. Berakhir : 31-07-2019

Responsibilities :

  • Have passion in software engineering, quality, exceptional attention to detail
  • Like to follow news and trends around IT especially around his/her skillset
  • Able to work in team and can cope in conflict situation and do conflict resolution
  • Able to speak up and communicate substantially to his team, leader or management
  • Have good understanding about application lifecycle and application delivery
  • Able to write technical documentation


Requirements :

  • Experience in analyzing, designing, installing, administering, maintaining, and troubleshooting network systems
  • Experience in maintaining capacity plans based on growth, trends and available metrics
  • Experience in creating physical and logical network design standards
  • Experience in maintaining network asset management, including maintenance of component inventory and related documentation and technical specifications information
  • Advanced in Bash Script
  • Cloud & Virtualization :
    Cloud : Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    Virtualization : VMWare, vSphere ESX, Proxmox
  • Web Servers: Nginx, Apache
  • Databases/Datastores : MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB
  • Mail Servers : Zimbra (ZCS), Postfix
  • Router : Mikrotik, Fortigate